DN 800
PN 10 NBR 265mm
On request
DN 100
PN 10/16 NBR 105mm
€ 135
DN 40
PN 10/16 EPDM 130mm
€ 48
DN 150
PN 10/16 NBR 130mm
€ 140
DN 450
PN 10 NBR 265mm
On request
DN 250
PN 16 EPDM 130mm
€ 250
DN 125
PN 10/16 NBR 105mm
€ 160
DN 125
PN 10/16 NBR 130mm
€ 115

Powerz Company is an innovative production facility enjoying the leading positions in the market of designing and fabrication of the rubber expansion joints.
The production process is based on the world's best technologies and meets the highest quality standards.
Our mission is a continuous, steady and progressive technological development that contributes to the solving of complex tasks. The ongoing advanced training and the experience exchange with our partners help us to enhance the capabilities of our company, which assumed the role of a technical expert.
Within the multiple-fold process, the highly qualified and experienced staff of the Powerz company are always ready to offer their individual expert counselling during the planning stage, to prepare and issue a proposal that takes into account your specific requirements and to perform fabrication of your items with a meticulous care.
Individual designing with a short preparatory period, the competent personnel and the high-quality products offered at reasonable prices, all these aspects should prompt you to consider Powerz as your priority contact to handle the issues of manufacturing high-strength expansion joints.

The advantages
In-house fabrication

Powerz is a leading European supplier of the rubber expansion joints. Thanks to our in-house production and many years of experience we guarantee customers high-quality in manufacturing of these products.

Quality and Management

We attach a great importance to compliance with the highest standards of quality and dimensional accuracy. All the production stages are thoroughly inspected in detail. Our production process is certified to the ISO9001-2000 standards.

Special Projects

The innovative projects are constantly pushing us forward and contributing to the development process. The Powerz Technical department is ready to handle any special projects which add to the development and upgrade of our knowledge in the area of the rubber expansion joints manufacturing technology.


Thanks to the detailed installation manual, high quality of the expansion joints we supply and our broad experience, we are now able to provide a several-year warranty for our products range.