About us

We are suppliers of rubber expansion joints rendering a full scope of services in this area, as well as offering a complete range of flexible expansion joints for the construction of industrial installations. Our own ‘know-how’ in the production of flexible expansion joints is combined with the innovative technologies. For many years now, we have been standing as the world's number one supplier in the area of technology of rubber expansion joints.

Operational Conditions and Range of Sizes

Operational temperature range: from –40 °С to +200 °C
Working pressure: up to 50 bar
Flange connectors: 1.0038, 1.0570, 1.4541, 1.4571, 1.4404
Nominal pressure stages: 6–25
Size range: DN20–DN2200
Bellows are made of: EPDM, CIIR (butyl), NBR (perbunan), CR (neoprene)

The advantages are as follows:

Damping vibrations
High balancing ability
Light-weight items
Adjustments of defects in assembly

The reasons why you should purchase from our company

We have the largest online store of rubber expansion joints in Europe
We supply rubber expansion joints throughout Europe
We offer the best prices in Europe
Additional testing of the products can be performed on request
Our rubber expansion joints meet the highest quality standards of the industry
Delivery is arranged within a period of one to three days after an order was placed
Other types of rubber are available on request, such as Viton, Hypalon, silicone, etc.
To us, an order of a single rubber expansion joint is equally as important as an order for 200 items